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Here are Some More Up to Date Fun Facts on Big Data: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 20, 2017
Florida Has a New eDiscovery Checklist: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 17, 2017
Where Do You Start? Perhaps by Seeing What Other People Think: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 16, 2017
Here’s an Opportunity to Learn More About On-Premise and Off-Premise Solutions and Where CloudNine Fits in Both: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 15, 2017
Here’s a Chance to Keep What Could Go Wrong from Going Wrong: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 14, 2017
Does this Ring a Bell? Court Orders Plaintiff’s Quick Peek Over Defendant’s Objections: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 13, 2017
Addressing the Inconsistent Email Address: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 10, 2017
Facebook Wants You to Send Them Your Naked Pictures to Prevent Revenge Porn. I’m Not Kidding: Data Privacy Trends Nov. 9, 2017
Court Chastises Parties for Turning Case into a “Discovery Slugfest”: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 8, 2017
It’s NOT a Small World (After All) at the Masters Conference in Orlando: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 7, 2017
Is VC Investment in the Legal Tech Market on the Decline?: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 6, 2017
Welcoming a New Blog and a New Champ: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 3, 2017
2017 Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions: Mention of CloudNine by Gartner Nov. 2, 2017
Is the eDiscovery Market Growing or Shrinking? Or Maybe SHIFTING?: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 2, 2017
After Objection, No Waiver of Privilege for Putting Information on File Share Site without Protection: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 1, 2017
IT Will Scare You – eDiscovery Horrors! Oct. 31, 2017
Last Year the Panama Papers, This Year the Bermuda Briefs?: Cybersecurity Trends Oct. 30, 2017
The Relativity Conference was “Fest-ive” This Year: eDiscovery Trends Oct. 27, 2017
Houston, We Have a Problem – Court Specifies Jury Instructions to Address Spoliation Findings: eDiscovery Case Law Oct. 26, 2017
Today’s the Day to Learn How to Avoid the eDiscovery Disasters of Other High Profile Organizations: eDiscovery Best Practices Oct. 25, 2017
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