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Court Grants Most of Plaintiff’s Cost Recovery Request, Including All eDiscovery Costs: eDiscovery Case Week Jul. 27, 2017
Today’s the Day to Learn How Recent eDiscovery Case Law Has Affected Your Organization: eDiscovery Case Week Jul. 26, 2017
CloudNine Highlights eDiscovery Ecosystem Expertise and Offerings Jul. 25, 2017
Defendant Not Sanctioned Despite Use of Evidence Wiping Software: eDiscovery Case Week Jul. 25, 2017
Court Rules that Plaintiff’s Request for Data from Defendant is “Extraordinarily Burdensome”: eDiscovery Case Week Jul. 24, 2017
Need an “Assist” with Your eDiscovery Practices? Get an eDiscovery Assistant!: eDiscovery Best Practices Jul. 21, 2017
What Can 4,000 Women Do? Help Educate an Industry: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 20, 2017
Cloud Data is Within Defendant’s Possession, Custody and Control, Court Rules: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 19, 2017
Law Firms and the Billable Hour – The Debate Continues: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 18, 2017
Court Limits Burden for Defendant to Search Loan Numbers, Splits Costs Between Parties: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 17, 2017
DOJ Asks SCOTUS to Take on Microsoft Case and Verizon Suffers its own Data Breach: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 14, 2017
The ABA Journal “Blawg 100” is Different This Year: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 13, 2017
Court Rules Decisively in Battle Between eDiscovery Providers Over Hired Sales Agents: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 12, 2017
Is the eDiscovery Business “Tide” Rising or Falling?: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 11, 2017
Here’s a Chance to Learn How Recent eDiscovery Case Law Has Affected Your Organization: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 10, 2017
Sure, No Keyword Before TAR, But What About Keyword Instead of TAR?: eDiscovery Best Practices Jul. 7, 2017
Webcast: Key eDiscovery Case Law Review for First Half of 2017 Jul. 6, 2017
Court Declines to Impose Sanctions for Failure to Preserve Web History: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 6, 2017
Legaltech News Highlights CloudNine and the Role of Partnerships in Legal Tech Jul. 5, 2017
That Was Random: eDiscovery Best Practices Jul. 5, 2017
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