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Lack of Cooperation Leads to Court to Order Scope of Discovery for Defendant: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 24, 2017
The Internet is Even Busier That it Was Last Year: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 21, 2017
Craig Ball Says That Failure to Preserve Mobile Devices in Litigation is the “M” Word: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 20, 2017
Webcast: Legal Hold Notifications from CloudNine Apr. 19, 2017
Plaintiff’s Erasure of iPhone Before Forensic Examination Leads to Recommended Dismissal of Case: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 19, 2017
Has eDiscovery Business Gotten a Bump or a Slump from Trump?: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 18, 2017
Webcast: What Every Attorney Should Know About eDiscovery in 2017 (ACEDS Update) Apr. 17, 2017
Court Tells Litigants “NO MORE WARNINGS” When It Comes to Boilerplate Discovery Objections: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 17, 2017
Today’s the Day to Find Out What Every Attorney Should Know About eDiscovery in 2017: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 13, 2017
After Metadata Shows Agreement Documents to Be Unreliable, Defendant’s “Hans” are Tied: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 12, 2017
“Master” Your Knowledge of eDiscovery With This Conference in San Francisco Later This Month: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 11, 2017
Should Failing to Issue a Litigation Hold Be Considered Intent to Deprive?: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 10, 2017
The Last Word on LegalTech New York 2017: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 7, 2017
What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong. Here’s What to Do About It: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 6, 2017
What’s Changed and What’s Next for EDRM at Duke: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 5, 2017
Failing to Test Search Terms Before Agreeing to Them Can Be Costly: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 4, 2017
Court Denies Untimely Motion to Compel Production of Text Messages: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 3, 2017
The Sedona Principles Has Been Around Longer Than You May Realize: eDiscovery Best Practices Mar. 31, 2017
Today is The Day to Find Out about Current Trends in eDiscovery: eDiscovery Trends Mar. 30, 2017
Putting Information on File Share Site without Protection Waives Privilege, Court Rules: eDiscovery Case Law Mar. 29, 2017
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