Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM)

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Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) Guide

Using the IGRM Model

How the IGRM Complements ARMA's Principles

The mission of the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) Project is to provide a common, practical, flexible framework to help organizations develop and implement effective and actionable information management programs.

The IGRM Project aims to offer guidance to Legal, IT, Records Management, line-of-business leaders and other business stakeholders within organizations. The Project seeks to facilitate dialogue among these stakeholders by providing a common language and reference for discussion and decision-making based on the needs of the organization.

Relationship to EDRM Framework

The IGRM is an entirely new reference model; a separate counterpart to EDRM.

The IGRM Project does NOT aim to solely build out the Information Management node of the EDRM framework. It will be extensible in numerous directions, such as records management, compliance, and IT infrastructure.

The IGRM will stand alone but will not be isolated. It will have conceptual correlations to IM-related activities/processes, such as RM, compliance, ECM, e-discovery, etc.

Filling a Need

There is a genuine need for a general-purpose, broadly applicable reference framework for the industry at large (end users, vendors, influencers, and other market players). No such model currently exists. While there are many IM-related frameworks, they typically deal with RM/structured information, or are organization-specific, not “generic” or broadly applicable across multiple industries, functions, etc.

A Communications Tool

The IGRM will help bridge gap between IT, Legal, Compliance, RM, and other stakeholder groups within organizations. The IGRM does NOT aim to produce a model that is prescriptive in nature; rather, it seeks to provide a reference that will promote cross-functional dialogue and collaboration.

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