Rule 1 – Scope and Purpose

Amendments Effective Dec. 1, 2015

Amended Rule 1

These rules govern the procedure in all civil actions and proceedings in the United States district courts, except as stated in Rule 81. They should be construed, and administered, and employed by the court and the parties to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding.

Apr. 29, 2015Dec. 1, 2015
Apr. 30, 2007Dec. 1, 2007
Apr. 22, 1993Dec. 1, 1993
Feb. 28, 1966July 1, 1966
Dec. 29, 1948Oct. 20, 1949

Committee Note

Rule 1 is amended to emphasize that just as the court should construe and administer these rules to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action, so the parties share the responsibility to employ the rules in the same way. Most lawyers and parties cooperate to achieve these ends. But discussions of ways to improve the administration of civil justice regularly include pleas to discourage over-use, misuse, and abuse of procedural tools that increase cost and result in delay. Effective advocacy is consistent with — and indeed depends upon — cooperative and proportional use of procedure.

This amendment does not create a new or independent source of sanctions. Neither does it abridge the scope of any other of these rules.

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