EDRM Update – May 2015

EDRM Update\r\nIssue 21 – May 2015\r\n\r\nWelcome to our newest supporting sponsor, ZyLAB! For more information about ZyLAB, go here.\r\n\r\nOn May 4-6, we held our 2015 Spring Workshop, kicking off the start of our eleventh year. At the meeting we launched a new Corporate Project Team and made advances with our IGRM, Data Set, Metrics and Processing Standards initiatives – many of which we should be rolling out in the coming weeks. EDRM member Doug Austin prepared a summary of the meeting, available here.\r\n\r\nOn May 4-29, we participated in premier sponsor Ipro’s Innovations 2015. Details about the conference are here.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\n\r\nGeorge Socha & Tom Gelbmann\r\n\r\n


Welcome New Members

\r\nWelcome to our newest EDRM member. We look forward to their participation and contributions.\r\n\r\nOrganizational member:\r\n

\r\nFor a complete list of organizational members, click here. For a complete list of individual members, click here.\r\n\r\n


Welcome New Model Code of Conduct Subscribers

\r\nWelcome to our newest EDRM Model Code of Conduct subscriber, bringing the total number of subscribing organizations to 104:\r\n\r\nSubscribing organization:\r\n

\r\nVoluntary registration as a MCoC subscriber indicates that the subscriber pledges to adhere to the principles, corollaries and guidelines set forth in the MCoC. For the complete list of subscribers, click here. To subscribe to the MCoC, click here.\r\n\r\n


EDRM Events

\r\nWe will be at the following events. Please join us!\r\n


\r\nWe are scheduling the next series of webinars. Details coming soon.\r\n

Meetings & Conferences

\r\nJuly 13-15, 2015\r\nLegalTech West Coast 2015\r\nBringing Everyday eDiscovery In-house\r\n\r\nAug. 2-3. 2015\r\n2015 SoCal eDiscovery & IG Retreat\r\nCo-sponsored by EDRM\r\n\r\nSept. 28-30, 2015\r\nACEDS 6th Annual E-Discovery Conference & Exhibition\r\nEDRM sessions\r\n\r\nOct. 11-14, 2015\r\nRelativity Fest\r\nEDRM sessions\r\n\r\n


Sponsor and Partner News

\r\nThanks to our sponsors!\r\n\r\nInterested in becoming a sponsor? Click here.\r\n\r\n[su_row]\r\n[su_column size=”1/2″]\r\n

Premier Sponsor

\r\nipro_logo_4c-180\r\n\r\n[/su_column]\r\n[su_column size=”1/2″]\r\n

Premier Sponsor

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Supporting Sponsor

\r\nNuix[/su_column]\r\n[su_column size=”1/2″]\r\n

Supporting Sponsor

\r\nZyLAB\r\n[/su_column]\r\n\r\n[/su_row]\r\n\r\n[su_row]\r\n[su_column size=”1/2″]\r\n

Meeting Sponsor



Full List of EDRM Updates

\r\nClick here for a full list of EDRM Updates.

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