EDRM Weekly – July 2, 2015

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EDRM Welcomes Chris LaCour

\r\nEDRM is pleased to announce that Chris LaCour joins EDRM this week as Director of Business Development. Chris will manage the growing line-up of EDRM conferences, events, and e-discovery education programs. He will support the long-term strategic goals of EDRM, by building relationships with EDRM sponsors and identifying new opportunities.\r\n\r\nIt’s an exciting time to be part of EDRM! Talk to Chris today, to learn how you can participate.\r\n\r\nWe are excited about the next decade of EDRM, and happy to have Chris on board!\r\n\r\nGeorge & Tom\r\n\r\n



\r\nAttending LegalTech West? If so, please join us for the “Bringing Everyday eDiscovery In-house” track on July 14, sponsored by LexisNexis. We will reprise each of the track’s three sessions as EDRM webinars in July, August and September.\r\n\r\nEDRM members – we have updated Basecamp. If you have questions or problems logging in, let us know.\r\n\r\n


Recently Added Resources

\r\nEDRM webinarUsing Ringtail’s Visual Analytics on Small to Midsized Matters, sponsored by FTI. Recording available here.\r\n\r\nEDRM webinar, “eMSAT-1: Completing the Assessment.” Recording available here.\r\n\r\nEDRM webinar, Using Ringtail to Manage Rolling Matters,” sponsored by FTI. Recording available here.\r\n\r\nEDRM webinar, Using Ringtail to Modernize Keyword Search,” sponsored by FTI. The recording is available here.\r\n\r\n3rd Annual UF Law/EDRM Electronic Discovery Conference recorded sessions and materials now available. Register here.\r\n\r\n”IGRM IT Viewpoint,” which explores the role of IT as a key stakeholder within the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) framework. Read the paper here.\r\n\r\nEDRM Data Calculator, an Excel spreadsheet file that helps you better estimate how much data you may have in matters involving eDiscovery. Download the spreadsheet and instructions at here.\r\n\r\n


Upcoming Webinars

\r\nJuly 28, 2015, 1:00-2:00 pm CDT (date still to be finalized)\r\nEDRM webinar, “Everyday eDiscovery:  Bringing It In-House or Outsourcing It,” sponsored by LexisNexis. Register here.\r\n\r\nAugust 25, 2015, 1:00-2:00 pm CDT (date still to be finalized)\r\nEDRM webinar, “Practical Pointers for Bringing Everyday eDiscovery Into Your Organization,” sponsored by LexisNexis. Register here.\r\n\r\nSeptember 22, 2015, 1:00-2:00 pm CDT (date still to be finalized)\r\nEDRM webinar, “Outsourcing Everyday eDiscovery:  Managed Services Providers Versus Outside Counsel,” sponsored by LexisNexis. Register here.\r\n\r\n


Upcoming Meetings & Conferences

\r\nJuly 13-15, 2015\r\nLegalTech West Coast 2015\r\nBringing Everyday eDiscovery In-house\r\n\r\nAug. 2-3. 2015\r\n2015 SoCal eDiscovery & IG Retreat\r\nCo-sponsored by EDRM\r\n\r\nSept. 28-30, 2015\r\nACEDS 6th Annual E-Discovery Conference & Exhibition\r\nEDRM sessions\r\n\r\nOct. 11-14, 2015\r\nRelativity Fest\r\nEDRM sessions\r\n\r\n


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