EDRM / Duke Law Transition

Dear EDRM Community,

I am writing to you as the new director of EDRM as of September 12.  As you already know, the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies has assumed management of EDRM.  Joining with EDRM will expand the Center’s involvement in electronic discovery and information governance in support of its mission to promote better understanding of the judicial process and generate ideas for improving the administration of justice.

The new arrangement will advance the missions of both organizations by bringing together the judges, legal practitioners, educators and government organizations already involved in the Center’s efforts with the EDRM community of working groups, sponsors, providers and legal professionals.

I recognize the outstanding accomplishments of EDRM co-founders George Socha and Tom Gelbmann and the impact that EDRM has had on education and practices in electronic discovery and information governance.  I can assure you that there will be continuity as we move forward. George will stay on in a leadership role, participating in EDRM initiatives and speaking engagements.  Tom will support the transition process and continue the EDRM programs until he retires later this year.

I am excited to join EDRM and the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies.  I previously worked at the Administrative Office of the United States Courts where I was the chief of the Magistrate Judges Division for 21 years.  I was responsible for day-to-day administration and support of the federal magistrate judges system. In my new position with EDRM, I have a lot to learn and I will be relying heavily on George and Tom.

I will also be relying on John Rabiej, the director of the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies.  To guide us in our work, we intend to form an Advisory Council of federal judges and EDRM members.  Melinda Vaughn, the publications manager for the Center, will work with us on EDRM content, website, publications and communications. During the coming months, we will be revising and updating the EDRM website and we would appreciate hearing from you if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements.  Please submit comments using the form on our Duke Law EDRM page.

As far as projects are concerned, I will be contacting the leaders of all the projects planned or underway to learn about the projects and their deadlines.

The Center is also interested in a project to consider drafting standards for data analytics, which include TAR and predictive coding but go far beyond them. We are looking into the possibility of holding a conference on the issue sometime next year with judges, practitioners, ESI vendors and EDRM members.  Another priority for the Center will be drafting standards for proportionality.

I look forward to working with you. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Tom Hnatowski

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