DYI How to: Craig Ball on Preserving Social Media

Social Media Content icons from Craig Ball


Craig Ball reminds us that social media content (SMC) is replacing email as key evidence of intent, animus, damages, disability in cases from criminal to family court, from personal injury to government claims.  

Collecting social media from disparate platforms has long been overlooked or considered too difficult for parties or counsel.  In his latest post, Craig Ball gifts us with simple instructions to gather the evidence for seven major SMC platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat.  

“Collecting SMC is a two-step process of requesting the data followed by downloading.  Minutes to hours or longer may elapse between a request and download availability. Having your client handle collection weakens the chain of custody; so, instruct the client to forward download links to you or your designee for collection.  Better yet, do it all yourself.”

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