Top Five Highlights of Relativity Fest 2019: Christmas Edition

Cristin Traylor, eDiscovery strategist of Relativity, gave us a Christmas gift of five Relativity Fest session recaps, including the State of the eDiscovery Union, moderated by David Horrigan with the Honorable Judges Peck and Francis; and panelists Ari Kaplan, Kelly Twigger, Zach Warren, Ryan O’Leary, Meribeth Banaschik and Mary Mack.

This session was livestreamed by EDRM’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kaylee Walstad.  Access the livestream here.

Relativity Fest Ornaments







Among the Relativity Fest gifts, Cristin recalls the Innovation Award winners:

The Innovation Awards are a lively way to end Fest. The forward-thinking Institute for the Future of Law Practice won for Academic Innovator of the Year. I was thrilled that my good friend Sara Skeens won the In-House Tech Evangelist Award and that my awesome Fest Rookie Mentee, Pavan Kotha, won the Lit Support All-Star Award. During Fest, I also had the pleasure of connecting with the amazing Stephanie Clerkin, Stellar Women in e-Discovery Award winner. I was honored to receive the Attorney Tech Evangelist Innovation Award.




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