Coronavirus Impacts the Legal Tech Community

By Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM

Coronavirus Outbreak

The steady drumbeat of news about the Coronavirus is causing considerable conversation and concern in the legal tech community.  Workflows and workplaces are being evaluated, live events are being impacted, and there is a sudden interest in remote work.

Staci Zaretsky writing for Above the Law provides a list of law firms that have changed their travel policies, loosened reimbursement for taxi commutes and encouraged remote work.  Zaretsky reports:

The stock market is down, way down. The Dow Jones suffered its largest single-day drop in history. Thanks to escalated fears about the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s beginning to look like the days before the financial crisis began.

EDRM will continue to monitor the impact of the Conronavirus on our legal tech community and keep the health and safety of our community front and center as we plan our live events.  EDRM is also alert for opportunities to support our colleagues who are affected.

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