EDRM Global Summit/Workshop Now Virtual

To our EDRM community,

We have been listening intently to you as we have been planning EDRM’s Summit/Workshop for June.

As a result of travel disruptions, organizations approving only essential travel and toward keeping our community, your families, organizations and clients safer, EDRM will hold an innovative, inter-active virtual conference this June 25-26 instead of the live-in person at the Duke University campus.  The 24th was going to be a welcome reception, and that day is now freed up.  We are considering, based on your feedback, adding Saturday as an additional interactive day at no additional charge to participants.
This will allow everyone, regardless of geography or health status, to participate, and will save participants travel time and money- it can truly be a global experience, for attendees, speakers and sponsors. 
This allows us to extend the complimentary registration, not only to our EDRM Project Trustees and Advisory Council, but also to all EDRM project contributors (as of today).  The registration fee for the community will be dramatically reduced as will the sponsorship outlay. EDRM has scholarships and hardship waivers by request, please send your request to info@edrm.net.
Virtual conference on tablet EDRM
Registration for our contributors, you and the rest of the world will be open online within a week. We will share how to register complimentary as soon as we have the info!
We have established our EDRM travel policy and will not be traveling and will re-evaluate in July in order to do our part to flatten the curve.
EDRM will also offer supplemental, interactive webinars around remote working technology (Zoom, Teams, MatterMost), remote work hacks and support for the new reality we are all living.
Stay tuned for more details.  We are all in this together, and together we will lift each other up.
With warmest regards,
Mary and Kaylee

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