Warren: KLDiscovery and Consilio Collaborate on Collection

As the eDiscovery community faces the COVID-19 challenge, two competitors have started collaborating, using each other’s collection resources in geographies formerly requiring travel. Handshake

Zach Warren, editor in chief of LegalTech News reports that KLDiscovery CEO Chris Weiler and Consilio CEO Andy Macdonald, trust each other.

The two CEOs have a friendly relationship beyond business considerations, and when asked whether the partnership could have worked without that relationship, both did not believe so. ‘One of the big factors in all of this is, I trust Andy, Andy trusts me, we trust each other’s companies,’ Weiler explained. ‘This is very much dependent on the mutual trust we have for each other, so this isn’t a situation where each of us goes after the other’s clients and jeopardizes the client relationships. This is strictly tactical mission.’

Read more about the collaboration here. (Mary Mack, EDRM CEO quoted within)

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