From Animal Crossing to ‘Spirit Week,’ Legal Tech Makes the Best of Quarantine

Rhys Dipshan, reporter for Legaltech News interviewed Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist for EDRM and Kaylee Walstad, EDRM’s Chief Strategy Officer for an article on how the legal tech community is dealing with quarantine.Nintendo Switch

The article also featured Leigh Vickery, founder of Level2Legal, Beth Anne Stuebe, director of Publications and Press at ILTA and Kristin Tyler, co-founder of Lawclerk and a partner at Garman Turner Gordon.

Tyler noted that:

she’s even become closer to her Lawclerk co-workers than ever before. “We’ve been there to support each other on the days when everything was just too hard. … I honestly know each and every person on our team better now than if we had spent the last two months in the office.”

As it turns out, being isolated these days isn’t so, well, isolating. Despite being stuck at home with others or being separated from them by distances that can seem insurmountable, relationships aren’t being strained or lost. If anything, they’re getting closer, which has given some a new perspective on their work-life balance. After all, maybe it’s good to stay home more often.

Read the article here.

Rhys Dipshan

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