Jackson Lewis, P.C. Releases COVID-19 Technology Tracker

With privacy regulations and laws individualized for each jurisdiction, organizations who are employing technology to screen, contract trace and social distance have a new resource.Distance Band like a Fitbit

Jackson Lewis, home of EDRM Global Advisory Council leader, Ralph Losey, published a table reviewing available technology through an employment firm/privacy lens.  Per Jackson Lewis Principals, Joseph J. Lazzarotti and Jason C. Gavejian:

Wading through the wide variety of COVID19-related technologies can be like scrolling through your cable provider’s movie guide – lots of time spent, not sure what to choose. So, to help you get a quick, bird’s eye view of some of the kinds of technologies being developed and which may be available, please see our table of “Selected COVID19 Distancing, Screening, Contact Tracing, and Other Technologies” (Table)*

The Jackson Lewis analysis includes employee consent, data handling and disposition, EEOC guidelines, unions and privacy among other elements to consider.

Read about the COVID-19 Technology Tracker here.

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