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October 16, 2019 – “How can we assist you”

When and to whom did Duke sell the EDRM?

EDRM was purchased in October 2019 by Mary Mack, CISSP, CEDS, CIAM, former executive director of The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) and Kaylee Walstad, CEDS, CIMP former vice president of client engagement ACEDS.

Why did Mary and Kaylee acquire the EDRM?

They stepped away from their roles at ACEDS in search of their next adventure and have appreciated the great work EDRM has done through the years. EDRM also provided a non competitive platform to serve their global “e-discovery and” community through frameworks, trendsetting projects, partnerships, events, careers, technical education and networking.

What do Mary and Kaylee plan to do with the EDRM?

They are immediately engaged in conversation with the key EDRM stakeholders to understand current status, future goals and needs for support. Stay tuned…

Is the EDRM a not for profit?

 EDRM was purchased by Mary and Kaylee as individuals and they are in the process of forming a for profit company. They will be evaluating the body of work with an eye towards safe-guarding the collective community generated work product so that the tools, frameworks, white papers etc. remain freely available to the community.

When do Mary and Kaylee take the reins?

Already there!

Will the Bolch Judicial Institute at Duke Law still be involved with the EDRM?

Yes, David Levi has already committed to partnering and working with EDRM to both further initiatives for Bolch and EDRM.

Will George Socha still be involved with EDRM?

As the co-founder of EDRM, George has agreed to consult, advise and guide EDRM as Mary and Kaylee begin to work with EDRM and its global community

Who do we contact to learn more?

You can reach out directly to Mary Mack at mary@edrm.net and Kaylee Walstad at kaylee@edrm.net

Will you keep the projects?

Absolutely, Mary and Kaylee are very excited about the existing and future projects. There are nine projects currently and we will be reaching out to all the project leaders to discuss how we can best support them.

My membership has expired. What do I do?

Keep participating, EDRM is now open to all- no membership required.

The membership portal is closed. Will it reopen?

They will re-evaluate this next year. Mary and Kaylee’s current assessment is that EDRM should be open to all regardless of ability to pay.

Will EDRM still have sponsors/partners?

Absolutely, Mary and Kaylee are putting together a new partner prospectus with new offerings along with some special benefits. They are so grateful for the support of our partners and the community.

I am interested in working on a project.

Excellent, Mary and Kaylee would love for you to participate, please email them and they will connect you to the appropriate team lead.

I am interested in starting a project, how do I do that?

Please reach out via email, Mary and Kaylee are happy to discuss and committed to nurturing future projects

Will there still be bi-annual meetings?

This will be part of an inquiry with all of our stakeholders. More to follow…

Will Mary and Kaylee be updating the EDRM diagram?

There’s an existing project addressing this very issue. To participate in this initiative, please email them.

How will the EDRM support itself?

Mary and Kaylee will be continuing with the EDRM existing partners and expanding the offerings to include their award winning  brand amplification, social media strategy & support, podcast series, webinars, white paper distribution, logo placement, bespoke custom event curation and strategy development, and more. Additionally, they are very excited about becoming a certified woman owned business.

Partnership with EDI?

As part of leaving ACEDS well, Mary and Kaylee are not able to offer general e-discovery certification/certificates at this time and did not acquire the contract with EDI.

Will Mary and Kaylee be keeping the Creative Commons licensed material?

Yes, they will. The wonderful work the EDRM community created together will remain accessible under the creative commons license attributed to it, more to follow.

What is your exit strategy?

Mary and Kaylee are in this for the long haul and are committed to continuing and expanding on the excellent work that has gone before them.

Does EDRM have investors?

Currently Mary and Kaylee are self-funding. They will be offering a structured minority investment opportunity to a select few potential investors who have demonstrated community commitment.

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