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No Sanctions for Failing to Preserve Cell Phone Records and Call Logs: eDiscovery Case Law Feb. 22, 2018
Don’t Panic, but the Countdown is on and GDPR is Coming!: Data Privacy Trends Feb. 21, 2018
Webcast: Understanding eDiscovery in Criminal Cases (March 21, 2018) Feb. 20, 2018
Only 53 Percent of Surveyed Security Officers Are Confident in Security of Data by Third Parties: Cybersecurity Trends Feb. 20, 2018
eDiscovery Expert Brett Burney Reviews CloudNine Platform Feb. 19, 2018
No Sanctions for Failing to Preserve Videos and Photos of Prisoner Accident: eDiscovery Case Law Feb. 19, 2018
For a More Complete and Accurate Review, Be Persistent: eDiscovery Best Practices Feb. 16, 2018
Training Snapshot: Persistent Highlighting from CloudNine Feb. 15, 2018
Nobody Doesn’t Like Terminating Sanctions for Fabrication of Text Messages: eDiscovery Case Law Feb. 15, 2018
eDiscovery Expert Tom O’Connor Reviews CloudNine Platform Feb. 14, 2018
“Master” the Love – Today and on February 28th: eDiscovery Trends Feb. 14, 2018
Are Cloud Companies Moving Away from Pricing Transparency?: eDiscovery Trends Feb. 13, 2018
Befuddled by BYOD? The Sedona Conference Has a New Set of Principles to Guide You: eDiscovery Best Practices Feb. 12, 2018
Glitch in the Matrix – The Vital Role of Communication Between All Stakeholders in eDiscovery: eDiscovery Best Practices Feb. 9, 2018
Training Snapshot: Filtering Your Document Collection from CloudNine Feb. 8, 2018
Court Denies Plaintiffs’ Request to Email All Defendant Employees as “Simply Unreasonable”: eDiscovery Case Law Feb. 8, 2018
Thoughts About Legaltech New York 2018: eDiscovery Trends Feb. 7, 2018
Ready for GDPR? Here’s a Webcast that Can Help You Get Ready: eDiscovery Best Practices Feb. 6, 2018
Do You Know How Many eDiscovery Blogs There Are? Maybe More Than You Think: eDiscovery Trends Feb. 5, 2018
In the Market for an eDiscovery Solution? Check Out this Buyers Guide: eDiscovery Trends Feb. 2, 2018
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