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To No One’s Surprise, Worldwide Spending on Cybersecurity is Up: Cybersecurity Trends Sep. 21, 2017
Lucky Seven! eDiscovery Daily is Seven Years Old! Sep. 20, 2017
Google Goes 0 For 2 in its Request for Review of SCA Warrant Cases: eDiscovery Case Law Sep. 19, 2017
“Primed” to Learn About Rule 34 of the FRCP? Here’s a New Primer from The Sedona Conference: eDiscovery Best Practices Sep. 18, 2017
Customer Snapshot: An Immediate International Compliance Challenge Met by CloudNine Sep. 16, 2017
Webcast: Key eDiscovery Case Law Review for First Half of 2017 (September 13, 2017) ACEDS Update Sep. 15, 2017
Court Grants Lesser Sanctions Against Defendant for Various Discovery Issues: eDiscovery Case Law Sep. 15, 2017
Here’s a Factor That Can Reduce the Potential for Account Hacks: Cybersecurity Best Practices Sep. 14, 2017
Thanks to ACEDS, Today’s the Day to Learn How Recent Case Law Has Affected Your eDiscovery Practices: eDiscovery Best Practices Sep. 13, 2017
If You’ve Been Affected by the Recent Storms, CloudNine Wants to Help Sep. 12, 2017
Sometimes, the Data You Receive Isn’t Ready to Rock and Roll: eDiscovery Best Practices Sep. 11, 2017
The DOJ is the Latest to Learn that Redactions Aren’t as Straightforward as You Think: eDiscovery Best Practices Sep. 8, 2017
Nebraska is the Twenty Eighth State to Adopt Duty of Technology Competence: eDiscovery Trends Sep. 7, 2017
Here’s a Chance to Learn What You Need to Do When a Case is First Filed: eDiscovery Best Practices Sep. 6, 2017
Court Grants Defendant’s Request for $18.5 Million in Attorney Fees and Costs: eDiscovery Case Law Sep. 5, 2017
Nominate Your Favorite Legal Blog at The Expert Institute: eDiscovery Trends Sep. 1, 2017
Ten Items to Keep in Mind When Considering Cloud Providers: Cybersecurity Best Practices Aug. 31, 2017
Today’s the Day to Learn Whether an On-Premise or Off-Premise Solution is Right For You: eDiscovery Best Practices Aug. 30, 2017
Webcast: Holy****, The Case is Filed! What Do I Do Now? (September 27, 2017) Aug. 29, 2017
Webcast: Holy****, The Case is Filed! What Do I Do Know? (September 27, 2017) Aug. 29, 2017
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