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Court Denies Defendant’s Motion to Require Plaintiff to Re-Produce Data in a More Usable Format: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 19, 2015
Date Searching for Emails and Loose Files Can Be Tricky: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 18, 2015
Not Surprisingly, The Big Data Market is Getting Really Big: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 17, 2015
Court Finds No Discovery Abuses by Defendant that Produced MSG Instead of TIFF Files: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 16, 2015
In The Era of the Data Breach, Pandora’s Box Could be a Flash Drive: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 13, 2015
It Was Only a Matter of Time Before The Sedona Conference Weighed in on Privacy and Security: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 12, 2015
Less Than Half the States Still Have an Ethics Opinion Regarding Lawyer Cloud Usage: eDiscovery Best Practices Nov. 11, 2015
Defendant’s Wife Ordered to Turn Over iPhone for Examination: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 10, 2015
Can You Predict the Future?: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 9, 2015
Even Lawyers Need Love Sometimes: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 6, 2015
Calling First 30(b)(6) Witness a “Waste of Time”, Court Orders a Second Deposition: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 5, 2015
Mo’ Data, Mo’ Data, Mo’ Data from EDRM: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 4, 2015
Here’s a Look at How and Where Legal Departments are Utilizing Data Analytics: eDiscovery Trends Nov. 3, 2015
Court Agrees to Allow Defendant to Use Search Terms to Identify ESI to Preserve: eDiscovery Case Law Nov. 2, 2015
Do You Have Anything to Fear, This Year?: eDiscovery Horrors! Oct. 30, 2015
If You’re Going to Mine for Metadata in New Jersey, You May Want to Think Twice: eDiscovery Best Practices Oct. 29, 2015
Here are Some Questions You Might Not Think to Ask Your Technology Provider: eDiscovery Best Practices Oct. 28, 2015
Court Orders Defendant to Supplement Data Used for Statistical Sampling: eDiscovery Case Law Oct. 27, 2015
One in Three Companies Lacks an Information Security Policy, According to New Study: eDiscovery Trends Oct. 26, 2015
Privilege Log Identifies Additional Documents to be Produced by Defendant: eDiscovery Case Law Oct. 23, 2015