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Apparently, in Discovery, Delta is Not Ready When You Are and It Has Cost Them Millions: eDiscovery Case Law Aug. 7, 2015
NIST Issues Draft Guide for “Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices”: eDiscovery Trends Aug. 6, 2015
Keyword Searching Isn’t Dead, If It’s Done Correctly: eDiscovery Best Practices Aug. 5, 2015
Court Denies Request for Sanctions for Routine Deletion of Files of Departed Employees: eDiscovery Case Law Aug. 4, 2015
Potential Data Breaches Still Happen the Old Fashioned Way, Too: eDiscovery Trends Aug. 3, 2015
Apple’s Motion to Seal eDiscovery Vendor Invoice Line Items Granted by Court: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 31, 2015
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“Da Silva Moore Revisited” Will Be Visited by a Newly Appointed Special Master: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 27, 2015
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EDRM Participant Profile: Seth Magaw of Ricoh Americas Corporation Jul. 23, 2015
“Quality is Job 1″ at Ford, Except When it Comes to Self-Collection of Documents: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 23, 2015