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ICYMI Weekly Summary Newsletter for the Week Ending October 10, 2015 Oct. 10, 2015
Defendant Ordered to Produce Emails Between Non-Attorney Employees That Were Deemed Privileged: eDiscovery Case Law Oct. 9, 2015
Europe’s Highest Court Strikes Down 15 Year Old Safe Harbor Agreement: eDiscovery Trends Oct. 8, 2015
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Defendant Compelled to Restore and Produce Emails from Backup Tapes: eDiscovery Case Law Oct. 2, 2015
When a Text File Doesn’t Match the Image or Native Excel File, What Do You Do?: eDiscovery Best Practices Oct. 1, 2015
This Study Says Two-Thirds of Law Firms Still Have No Staff Devoted to Information Security: eDiscovery Trends Sep. 30, 2015
Despite Failure to Implement a Litigation Hold, Defendant Escapes Sanctions: eDiscovery Case Law Sep. 29, 2015
If You Ever Have to Compare RFP Vendors, EDRM Has a New Calculator for You: eDiscovery Best Practices Sep. 28, 2015