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Quality Control By The Numbers: eDiscovery Best Practices Jul. 17, 2015
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Plaintiff Once Again Sanctioned with an Adverse Inference Instruction, But Still No Complete Dismissal: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 9, 2015
Here is the Services “Mashup” of eDiscovery Market Estimates: eDiscovery Trends Jul. 8, 2015
Plaintiff Ordered to Re-Produce Files in Native Format Because it Failed to Meet and Confer with Defendant: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 7, 2015
Rest in Peace, Jack Halprin Jul. 6, 2015
Independence Day is Saturday! Declare Your eDiscovery Independence!: eDiscovery Best Practices Jul. 2, 2015
Judge Recommends Default Judgment Sanctions Against Defendants, Even Though Some Deleted Files Were Recoverable: eDiscovery Case Law Jul. 1, 2015
Here’s One Study That Shows Potential Savings from Technology Assisted Review: eDiscovery Trends Jun. 30, 2015
Expanded Sources of ESI Show That Crime Doesn’t Pay: eDiscovery Trends Jun. 29, 2015
Plaintiff Ordered to Image its Sources of ESI, Respond to Disputed Discovery Requests: eDiscovery Case Law Jun. 26, 2015
Think Before You Hit Send (Unless You’re On Gmail and are Really Fast): eDiscovery Trends Jun. 25, 2015
Time for Another “Mashup” of eDiscovery Market Estimates: eDiscovery Trends Jun. 24, 2015