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Dispute Over Ownership of Social Media Accounts Lands Former Business Owner in Jail: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 24, 2015
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Almost Thirty Percent of Data Security Incidents are Due to Human Error: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 22, 2015
Discarding a Relevant Computer Results in Adverse Inference Sanctions, Not Default Judgment: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 21, 2015
Sometimes You May Need Turn to 34 Year Old Technology to Get the Job Done: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 20, 2015
Court Rules that Automatically Generated Read Receipt is Not Hearsay: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 17, 2015
Free Trojans with Your Document Production: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 16, 2015
A New Calculator from EDRM and Other EDRM News: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 15, 2015
Plaintiff Awarded Sanctions and Reimbursement of Some eDiscovery Costs: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 14, 2015
Cyber Liability Insurance Policies are Becoming More Popular for Law Firms: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 13, 2015
Has the Law Firm Holding Your Data Ever Suffered a Breach? You May Never Know.: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 10, 2015
Ten Years Later, The Impact of the Zubulake Case is Still Huge: eDiscovery History Apr. 9, 2015
Managing Email Signature Logos During Review: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 8, 2015
Email Signature Logos are a Sign That Discovery Will be More Complicated: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 7, 2015
Defendant Does Not Take the Fall for Spoliation in Slip and Fall Case: eDiscovery Case Law Apr. 6, 2015
You Should Check the Level of Your Fuzzy When Searching: eDiscovery Best Practices Apr. 2, 2015
Simply Deleting an Email Doesn’t Mean It’s Gone, Even When It’s Hillary Clinton’s Emails: eDiscovery Trends Apr. 1, 2015
Big Money for Stolen Health Records: eDiscovery Trends Mar. 31, 2015
Image is Not Only Everything, It Is Also Legally a Copy, Appeals Court Rules: eDiscovery Case Law Mar. 30, 2015
Court Rules that Australian Company’s Duty to Preserve Only Begins when US Court Has Jurisdiction: eDiscovery Case Law Mar. 27, 2015