• A program, that instructs a computer to perform a specific set of instructions or execute a process. Some software applications are user-driven like Microsoft Word or Notepad, while others are system-driven like the Windows system clock or automatic virus scanning programs.
  • An application is a collection of one or more related software programs that enables a user to enter, store, view, modify or extract information from files or databases. The term is commonly used in place of “program,” or “software.” Applications may include word processors, Internet browsing tools and spreadsheets.
  • A set of electronic instructions, also known as a program, which instructs a computer to perform a specific set of processes.
  • A program that performs “people” functions, such as word processing, spreadsheets, or litigation support.
  • A program used to generate documents (e.g., MS Word, Word Perfect, Pagemaker, Visio). Each application is typically associated with one or more file extensions (e.g., .doc, .xls).)


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