• An automated or human process where text content is compared to pre-determined codes, and the results of those comparisons are logged. Coding usually identifies names, dates, and relevant terms or phrases. Coding may be structured, i.e., a Yes/No option as to an issue or the selection of one of the finite number of choices, or unstructured, i.e., a narrative comment about a document. Coding may be objective, i.e., the name of the sender or the date, or subjective, i.e., evaluation as to the documents.  1
  • A means of capturing specific, standardized data from a collection of documents and creating a database linking the data to the images. The term “coding” is generally used in the legal and medical markets. It is similar to “indexing” in the commercial marketplace.  2
  • Document coding is the process of capturing case-relevant information (i.e. author, date authored, date sent, recipient, date opened, etc.) from a paper document.  3


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