• A data set that a web site server gives to a browser the first time a user visits a site, updated with each return visit. The remote server saves cookie data about a user as text files stored in Netscape or MS Internet Explorer system folders. Cookies may contain user or session specific data such as user name, date of visit, statistic and anything that server knows about remote user. Cookies may be updated one or more times each visit, or only once.  1
  • Holds information on the times and dates a user has visited websites. Other information can also be saved to your hard drive in these text files, including information about online purchases, validation information about the user for “Members Only” websites, etc.  2
  • Small data file written to a user’s hard drive by a web server which contains information the web site uses to identify the user in subsequent visits.  3
  • Small data files written to a user’s hard drive by a Web server. These files contain specific information that identifies users (i.e., passwords and lists of pages visited).  4


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