Dynamic Random Access Memory


A memory technology which is periodically “refreshed” or updated – as opposed to “static” RAM chips which do not require refreshing. The term is often used to refer to the memory chips themselves. Varieties are:

  • CDRAM: Cache DRAM (contains static cache)
  • EDODRAM: Extended data out DRAM
  • EDRAM: Enhanced DRAM (contains a static memory buffer and cache controller)
  • SDRAM: Synchronous DRAM (added clock and burst addressing capability)
  • SGRAM: Synchronous Graphics RAM (a single port SDRAM)
  • WRAM: Window RAM (dual port video RAM)
  • VRAM: Video RAM (a dual ported DRAM, good for graphics)


  1. Formerly American Document Management, Glossary of Terms, now 5i Solutions Glossary.
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