Global Aerospace


Global Aerospace Inc. v. Landow Aviation, Consol. Case No. CL 61040, 2012 WL 1431215 (Va. Cir. Ct. Apr. 23, 2012). The first State Court Order approving the use of Predictive Coding by the producing party, over the objection of the requesting party, without prejudice to the requesting party raising an issue with the Court as to the completeness or the contents of the production, or the ongoing use of Predictive Coding. The order was issued by Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James H. Chamblin. 1


  1. Maura R. Grossman and Gordon V. Cormack, EDRM page & The Grossman-Cormack Glossary of Technology-Assisted Review, with Foreword by John M. Facciola, U.S. Magistrate Judge2013 Fed. Cts. L. Rev. 7 (January 2013).
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