Hard Drive


  • The primary computer storage medium in desktop and laptop computers.  1
  • The primary hardware that a computer uses to store information, typically magnetized media on rotating discs.  2  3  4
  • The primary storage unit on PCs, consisting of one or more magnetic media platters on which digital data can be written and erased magnetically.  5
  • A magnetic storage device usually inside a computer that stores files. Hard drive capacities are usually measured in gigabytes (GB). In addition to hard drives, computers often contain CD drives and floppy disk drives. When you save a file, it is usually stored on the computer’s hard drive.
  • A high-capacity magnetic media storage device, also known as the “fixed disk.” Hard disks are either internal or external. An internal hard disk can be used only with the computer in which it is installed, while an external hard disk can be moved from one computer to another.
  • Internal hardware which stores and provides access to large amounts of information. Most new computers include an internal hard disk that contains several gigabytes of storage capacity.


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