Paper Styles and Definitions


  1. Acid Free Paper – Won’t change color (yellow) for many years.
  2. Brightness – The percentage of light the paper reflects. Most white papers reflect 60% to 90%.
  3. Coated Papers – “glossy” paper, coated with clay.
  4. Cotton “Rag” Paper – Premium paper with 25% to 100% cotton fibers.
  5. Laid finish – Paper surface embossed with lines to resemble handmade paper.
  6. Ream – 500 sheets.
  7. Vellum finish – A less smooth version of real vellum (fine parchment).
  8. Wove finish – Very smooth surface. Characteristic of the majority of papers made.



  1. Formerly American Document Management, Glossary of Terms, now 5i Solutions Glossary.
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