• A method of preparing a data set for processing by converting mail backups to mail archives (for example, PST for MS Outlook and NSF for Lotus Notes).  1
  • In data management, restore is a process that involves copying backup files from secondary storage (tape, Zip disk or other backup media) to hard disk. A restore is performed in order to return data to its original condition if files have become damaged, or to copy or move data to a new location.  2
  • To transfer data from a backup medium (such as tapes) to an on-line system, often for the purpose of recovery from a problem, failure, or disaster. Restoration of archival media is the transfer of data from an archival store to an on-line system for the purposes of processing (such as query, analysis, extraction or disposition of that data). Archival restoration of systems may require not only data restoration but also replication of the original hardware and software operating environment. Restoration of systems is often called “recovery”.  3


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