Tagged Image File Format


  • A graphic file format used for storing still-image bitmaps. TIFFs are stored in tagged fields, and programs use the tags to accept or ignore fields, depending on the application.
  • A widely used bit-mapped graphics file format. This is essentially a picture of a document.
  • A bit mapped graphics file format that contains a picture of a document.
  • Graphic files that portray a single page of a file for viewing purposes with a .tif extension (in the case of Multi-page TIFFs, output images can consist of multiple pages).
  • One of several standards for making electronic images.
  • The “de facto” electronic/computer standard for scanned, bit-mapped images – 8 bit color and gray scale. Originated in 1986 as a joint project of Microsoft and Aldus. Includes several types and groups which are compressed & uncompressed.
  • One of the most widely supported file formats for storing bit-mapped images. Files in TIFF format often end with a .tif extension.
  • This image format is commonly used as the standard file delivery format for production.


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