• The act of compressing large files into a single file, called a zip file. Zip files take up less storage space so they easy to send via email. Not to be confused with Zip drive, a portable storage peripheral. 1
  • A common file compression format that allows quick and easy storage for transport. Compresses and combines one or more documents by utilizing an algorithm that ‘removes’ white space and replaces it when decompression takes place. Commonly used to combine and send large documents via email. 2
  • An open standard for compression and decompression used widely for PC download archives. ZIP is used on Windows-based programs such as WinZip and Drag and Zip. The file extension given to ZIP files is .zip. 3
  • An algorithm used to create a compressed archive. The archive can contain many different files, each of which can be recovered by “unzipping” the archive.


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