EDRM Sponsorship Guide

Reach Key Legal and Technology Leaders Focused on E-Discovery

The global e-discovery community relies on EDRM for leadership, standards, best practices, tools, guides and test data sets to improve electronic discovery and information governance.  Reach this important audience – the folks who are shaping the industry and driving purchasing decisions – as an EDRM sponsor.  Now that EDRM is part of Duke Law School, you will also have opportunities to interact with the judges and lawyers who work with the Center for Judicial Studies through events and projects that advance the administration of justice.

As a sponsor of EDRM your company will have opportunities to reach the prime e-discovery market:

  • Share thought leadership via white papers, case studies and presentations
  • Generate opportunities for partnerships
  • Participate in working groups who are actively improving standards and processes in e-discovery

EDRM Community

Industry SegmentsGlobal Reach

Sample Subscriber Roles in E-Discovery

  • General Counsel
  • Assistant General Counsel
  • Law Firm Partner
  • Law Firm Operations
  • E-Discovery Attorney
  • Director, Litigation Support
  • System Architect
  • Cybersecurity and Forensic Personnel

EDRM Sponsorship at a Glance

Benefits (updated 2/26/18)$25k annual investment$10k annual investment$5k annual investment
EDRM Organizational Membership – One-year organizational membership, unlimited number of people from sponsor organization may participate in EDRM programs and projects.YesYesYes
EDRM Advisory CouncilYesYesNo
Brand visibility
Logo on EDRM siteYesYesYes
Logo on EDRM wall posterYesYesYes
Permission to list EDRM sponsorship on business materialsYesYesYes
Co-branded paper, study or article on EDRM.net 1
Email to EDRM community21
Live webinar events or complimentary registrations for Duke Conferences
3 webinars
3 complimentary Duke Conference registrations
2 webinars
2 complimentary Duke Conference registrations
1 webinar
1 complimentary Duke Conference registration
Discounted employee registrations for Duke Conferences10% discount on all employee registrations10% discount on all employee registrations10% discount on all employee registrations


Listing in Center and EDRM publicationsAll publicationsAll publicationsJudicature and EDRM publications

Sponsor Programs and Benefits

Brand Visibility

  • Logo: Your company logo will be placed on the EDRM website for the duration of the sponsorship period. Sponsor to provide logo in .eps or high-resolution .jpg format.
  • EDRM wall poster: Sponsor logo appears on the EDRM wall poster. Sponsor receives print-ready PDF.
  • Co-branded white paper or article: Sponsor may submit written content in the form of an educational white paper or article. EDRM will review, suggest edits. Approved content will be co-branded and posted on the EDRM Resources section.
  • Standard paper, article, or email: Sponsor may provide content for delivery to the entire EDRM subscriber list, subject to EDRM review. This may include special offers, surveys, or invitations to EDRM members.


  • Live webinar events: EDRM staff will promote, host, record, and archive your webinar event on the topic of your choice. Sponsor provides presentation content and speakers. Sponsors are encouraged to focus on practical answers to challenges in e-discovery and information governance.
    • Average webinar registrations: 192 (based on average attendance at 40 recent events).
    • Sponsor receives contact list, including email address, for all pre-registrations and attendees. Reports including viewer attendance, questions, and feedback/ratings also are provided.
    • Continuous lead potential: Recorded events are archived on BrightTALK and available via EDRM website for on-demand viewing. On-demand reports are available to sponsors for up to one year.

Bolch Judicial Institute

  • Duke Conference registration: Duke hosts regular conferences on a variety of topics relating to the administration of justice. Conference participants include judges, lawyer, academics and others. EDRM sponsors will receive the specified number of complimentary or discounted registrations for the Duke Conference of their choice. Learn more about the Duke Conferences

To learn more, contact Lora Beth Farmer at EDRM at lora.farmer@law.duke.edu.

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