Individual Memberships

Types of Individual Members

  • Individual EDRM Members: Individual members are people who join EDRM as individuals rather than as part of an organization. If your organization is an EDRM member, you do not need to join as an individual member as well. If you join as an individual, that does not also make your organization a member.
  • Joint EDRM/ACEDS Individual Members: These are individuals who belong both to EDRM and to ACEDS. Joint membership costs less than separate membership in the two organizations.
  • Observer/Student Members: Individuals who are full-time students or work in nonprofit, government, or academic organizations may join at no cost and gain limited access to member benefits. See our Join EDRM page now for an explanation of benefits.

Individual Member Benefits

  • Individual members may participate in one or more projects and/or initiatives.
  • Individual members have access to member-only content.
  • Individuals members are listed in the EDRM directory.
  • Individual members may promote their membership in connection with their own individual offerings, but not in connection with organizational offerings.
  • Individual members receive additional benefits through the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies; visit our Join EDRM page for a complete list of benefits.
  • All members are added to EDRM’s mailing list.

Individual Membership Rates

Individual EDRM Membership$200/year
New/Renewing Joint EDRM/ACEDS Membership$300/year
Discounted membership for current ACEDS members$150/year
Observer/Student member$0


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