EDRM has published 7 glossaries of terms related to e-discovery and information governance.

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EDRM Collection Standards Glossary

The EDRM Collection Standards Glossary is a glossary of terms defined as part of the EDRM Collection Standards.

EDRM Glossary

Now you can download a PDF version of the entire glossary – all 336 pages. The current version was last updated on April 22, 2016.

Download Glossary (PDF)

EDRM Metrics Glossary

The EDRM Metrics Glossary contains definitions for terms used in connection with the updated EDRM Metrics Model published in June 2013.

EDRM Search Glossary

The EDRM Search Glossary is a list of terms related to searching ESI.

EDRM Search Guide Glossary

The EDRM Search Guide Glossary is part of the EDRM Search Guide. The EDRM Search Guide focuses on the search, retrieval and production of ESI within the larger e-discovery process described in the EDRM Model. 

IGRM Glossary

The IGRM Glossary consists of commonly used Information Governance terms.