EDRM Glossary Submission

We always are looking to expand our glossaries and welcome any submissions you would like to make.

To see the list of glossaries we offer, go to Glossaries.

To submit a word or phrase, definitions and sources, please complete the form.

  • Part 1: Submit a Word or Phrase

  • Enter the word or phrase for which you are providing a definition.
  • Each word or phrase needs to have at least one definition. If you would like to submit more than one definition for a word or phrase, please identify the definitions as "Definition 1", "Definition 2" and so on.
  • We require a source for every definition. You can name yourself as the source, if you created the definition, or give us the citation the webpage, document, or other source from which you got the definition. If you submit more than one source, please match the sources to the definitions ("Definition 1, Source 1", "Definition 1, Source 2", "Definition 2, Source 1", and so on.
  • Please note that any definitions we publish on the EDRM website are posted under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. If we need to obtain the right to republish the definition you are offering, please give us information needed to contact the appropriate person or organization.
  • Part 2: Tell Us About Yourself

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