Appendix 1: Meta-Data Name Specification

AttachmentCountIntegerNumber of attachments
AttachmentNameStringName of an attachment
AuthorStringAuthor of a document
BCCStringBlind-Carbon-Copy recipient
CategoryStringCategory of the ESI, such as EMAIL, DOCUMENT
CommentsStringComments present in the Comment Field of the document
CustodianStringName of a custodian
DateLastAccessDateDate when Document was last accessed
DateCreatedDateDate when Document was created
DateLastModDateDate when Document was last modified
DateLastPrintDateDate when Document was last printed
DateReceivedDateDate when document was last received
DateSentDateDate when document was last sent
DocumentIDStringIdentifier of the document
DuplicateStatusStringWhether the document has other duplicates.
FolderStringFolder name where the document was found.
SourceStringSource of the document
EmailSubjectStringSubject Line of an email document
EntryIDStringFor documents present in a Container, an ID within the Container that can be used to locate the document.
FileDescriptionStringDescription of the file
FilenameStringName of the file
FileSizeIntegerSize of the file in bytes
FromStringFor email documents, the sender of the document
MD5HashStringThe MD5 Hash value of the document
ParentIDStringFor documents present in a container, the EntryID of the parent.
RevisionStringSpecific Revision String for the document
SHA1HashStringThe SHA1 Hash value of the document
TitleStringThe title of the document
TOStringFor Email Documents, the direct recipient of the email.
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