Craig Ball Publishes Processing Primer

Craig Ball, attorney, forensic expert, trial attorney and special master, has focused his award winning writing skills on an often overlooked, extremely important step in the EDRM:  processing.Craig Ball

The inner workings of files, attachments, containers, duplicates, de-NISTing, hashing, families, children, parents, threading and other foundational processes are explained and diagrammed.

Advanced practitioners will welcome the explanations of time zone normalization, name normalization, exception handling and other detailed topics.

This primer goes back to basics, covering bits, bytes, Unicode, Hex, file headers and more before getting to the universal and extended steps in processing.

Craig penned this 55 page opus for his work at Georgetown.  Register for the upcoming event at  Georgetown Law Center Advanced E-Discovery Institute.

For your reference shelf, download Craig Ball’s  Processing in E-Discovery here.

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