E-Discovery Day Eve Gift: 4 Kinetic Indicators

On the day before E-Discovery Day, our EDRM legacy partner, Exterro, hosted the mashup of all mashups as a guest post on their blog: An E-Discovery Day Snapshot: An Overview of Four eDiscovery Industry Kinetics.

These four kinetic indicators of health and direction for our eDiscovery industry and community are offered by guest contributor, and industry analyst, Rob Robinson of Complex Discovery Solutions.  On one page, you will find the market sizing, pricing, business confidence levels and a chronological list of mergers, acquisitions and investments, some with dollar amounts.

It is an amazing body of work done consistently over time allowing us to discern trends, threats and opportunities as we plan, project and improve our offerings.

eDiscovery Day is a vendor neutral educational and celebratory event initiated and championed by Exterro.

EDRM’s offerings for eDiscovery Day are here.

 We are also participating in an Exterro hosted webinar on the what are the norms for corporate eDiscovery practice.

Sign up for those that interest you even if your schedule is full, and you’ll get an email with a link to listen at your leisure. 




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