BDO Managed Services Launches Athenagy™

EDRM Partner, BDO Managed Services, announced the creation of a dashboard for in-house legal teams to drive efficiencies and risk reduction in the electronic discovery process for litigation, regulation, investigation and compliance.

According to Daniel Gold, Esq. managing director of BDO’s Managed Services practice:

Athenagy™ offers lawyers and legal teams critical insights on their data during legal hold, the collection and BDO logopreservation process, processing, and review. Now, legal professionals can make better, more informed decisions to drive better business outcomes. Plus, Athenagy helps attorneys and legal teams learn from a visual ticketing dashboard that enables in-house and law firm teams to understand who is entering tickets, the types of tickets being entered, on what cases and the open to close ratio.

Daniel Gold, Esq. introduces “the new Gold Standard in business intelligence and transparency for in-house legal departments” in a short video clip of his passion project here.




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